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Welcome to Basement Buddies! We are your trusted, reliable source for professional basement/crawlspace waterproofing and foundation repairs.

Rest assured that your home is in capable hands whenever you choose Basement Buddies Waterproofing for any of your basement/crawlspace waterproofing or foundation repairs. Homeowners can depend on our team to provide the very best services and customer care.

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Basement/crawlspace Waterproofing

Illinois homeowners with a wet, musty basement will understandably feel overwhelmed when damages occur. That is why the team at Basement Buddies offer the most dependable, quality basement/crawlspace waterproofing services and products for our valuable customers.

Our specialists can accurately locate and assess what is causing your wet basement/crawlspace problems, examining mold growth, musty odors, and more in order to provide you with an excellent basement waterproofing solution that will keep your below-grade spaces secure and dry.



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Foundation Repair

Structural problems can affect the general performance, appearance, value and safety of a home. In the event you notice cracks on your foundation floor, tilting walls, bowing or other warning signs of damage, then do not hesitate to contact Basement Buddies. Our technicians can accurately evaluate your home’s foundation and provide superior repair solutions!

Foundation damage repair, however, does not always involve the same strategies for each home. It’s why we provide quality methods and products that can be customized to suit the needs of your home. Because a faulty foundation can soon lead to major problems, call us for an estimate at the first indication that your foundation is compromised.

Basement Remodeling

Giving your basement an upgrade can increase the potential resale value of your home and generate more interest in the marketplace. Remodeling can also transform your basement into a useable, comfortable living space for your household.
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