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Basement/crawlspace waterproofing is without a doubt essential for residential basements in DuPage County. There are a few obvious signs that every homeowner should know that indicates they need to take action like a failing sump pump or rotting wood. However, what about some of the other signs that could warn of water intrusion problems?

A musty, damp odor. Is there an odor in your home’s basement/crawlspace that’s developed recently? If so, there’s a decent likelihood that water might be seeping in. Even if you’re not seeing any physical signs right away, that damp smell is a sure sign that a problem exists that should be addressed.

-Areas of mold growth. This is a always cause for concern and sign you may need professional basement/crawlspace waterproofing service by Basement Buddies.

Don’t ignore signs of mold anyplace within your home. Whether it is white, green or black, the appearance of mold in the basement calls for immediate action. As soon as you notice it, contact an expert for an estimate on the extent of the growth and how it should be remedied.

-Cracks in the walls or floors. Any cranks in the walls of your foundation are not going to resolve on their own. Even if you’re not seeing signs of seepage quite yet, it’s only a matter of time once the foundation is compromised and needs our basement/crawlspace waterproofing services.

Water stains on the walls. If you spot stains from moisture that’s running down the walls in your basement, this indicates that water is coming across the top part of the foundation. This can occur as a result of a grading problem or from exterior causes of infiltration. It’s likely to keep occurring without the protection of basement/crawlspace waterproofing.

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