Basement Waterproofing Darien IL

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Basement Waterproofing Darien IL

Basement Waterproofing Darien IL

If you see puddles on your basement floor, mold growth on the walls, the odor of mildew or other sure signs of a moisture problem don’t hesitate to contact Basement Buddies. We can install Basement Waterproofing Darien IL so you won’t have to stress about water intrusion any longer!

Besides the obvious benefit of protecting your basement and its contents from moisture, waterproofing also expands the usable space in your home. After all, you can’t get much use from a wet basement.

When you schedule our waterproofing solutions, you’ll make it a dry and secure environment that can be used as an office, another bedroom, or a home gym. Call Basement Buddies today and get started!

-Noticeable efflorescence. Basically, this is a chalky white substance that collects on walls. Efflorescence is the movement of salt towards the surface of a porous material like concrete. This tends near areas where there are gaps and cracks on walls because they permit water in.

Though not as serious as the spread of mold, it’s not a bad sign.

-Cracks in floors and walls. Even if you don’t spot signs of water seepage just yet, cracks on foundation walls will not go away on their own and will steadily get worse as time passes. Fortunately, if cracks are the only issue, they are typically the least costly to waterproof,

Minor cracks in the floor are a common source of water leakage that builds up from the pressure that builds up underground. However, larger cracks or heaving might be signs of more significant problems with the foundation.

-Bowed walls. If you spot inward curves or bulges on your concrete foundation walls it calls for an immediate repair. Bowed walls create horizontal cracks that permit water intrusion and risk weakening your entire foundation.

If you are searching for Basement Waterproofing Darien IL experts look no further than Basement Buddies – call now for a free estimate.

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