Basement Waterproofing Naperville

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Basement Waterproofing Naperville

Basement Waterproofing Naperville

There are few problems that are more frustrating for homeowners than a basement that’s consistently damp and musty. Besides the personal items and furniture that a wet basement can ruin, it can even raise health risks.

If your basement shows the following signs of water intrusion, call Basement Buddies for Basement Waterproofing Naperville solutions that work.

-Musty scent. An unappealing odor of dampness and mildew is a sign that your basement needs waterproofing. Mildew is the result of too much moisture and humidity. After we waterproof the basement in your home, it will reduce moisture and stop mildew growth.

-Water marks. While you might not notice puddles and visible flooding, water stains indicate that water is getting in from somewhere.

-Bowing walls. This is a significant problem for a homeowner. The walls will bow if the external pressure is too powerful for the foundation. Fractures and cracks could be imminent without prompt action.

-Chalky, white coating substance on walls. That glistening sheen on the walls is a warning sign. This indicates moisture is getting into the home.

-Cracks across the floors and walls. This can occur when the soil surrounding your basement moves and, consequently, applies steady pressure against the foundation. If you notice cracks appearing on your basement walls it’s important to repair and seal them.

-Doors warping. Doors that stick and become difficult to open can become that way when the materials swell from too much dampness. This means you’re in need of basement waterproofing.

-Insects and pests. Insects are naturally attracted to moisture. So if you are noticing a lot of unwelcome bugs or other critters in the basement recently, it’s probably because they are drawn to the water that could be seeping into your basement.

Prompt action will prevent this problem – call for Basement Waterproofing Naperville today!

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