Basement Waterproofing St. Charles IL

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Basement Waterproofing St. Charles IL

Basement Waterproofing St. Charles IL

Energy Bills Rising Lately? A Damp Basement Might Be the Cause

There are a number of reasons why energy consumption and costs can suddenly rise for homeowners, and one is a humid basement. When the air in your home’s basement is very humid, it can also transfer to other spaces.

Consequently, your heating and cooling system must then work harder in order to remove that damp air. This can drive up your energy bills.

Mold in the Basement? Get Basement Waterproofing St. Charles IL

Moisture in your basement creates an environment where mold can thrive. The spores can then cause respiratory infections along with itchy skin and eyes. Fortunately, after we waterproof your basement, you’ll be free of this possible health risk!

Waterproofing That Works

There are certain warning signs that your basement has a water problem such as mildew, areas of standing water, a musty, damp odor or difficulty opening and closing doors due to warping. If you see any of these indicators give Basement Buddies a call now to schedule an inspection.

We’ll locate where the water is getting in and recommend Basement Waterproofing St. Charles IL that will put an end to the problem!

Foundation Repair

If there are any significant cracks on the foundation walls at your home, be sure to contact us for information about our foundation repair services.

It’s important to act sooner rather than later when it comes to any issue with your foundation in order to prevent the cracks from widening and permitting water to leak in.

We can perform an inspection that will identify where problems – such as gaps or bowing – are occurring and present you with an estimate on repairs that will restore your foundation so it will last for many more years to come.

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